What Are Walmart Deli Hours for Sunday?


Walmart Deli food locations

Walmart Deli locations can be found inside each Walmart store. Walmart Deli was created as a food location, which offers delicious dishes to its customers. Everyone can go to Walmart Deli and choose something they like. If you have never been to Walmart Deli and have never eaten food being prepared there – then you should definitely try it.

Since Walmart Deli is a location where one can buy a plentitude of prepared food, this place is very convenient for those who do not have enough time to cook. They just go there and buy something to eat. Also, Walmart Deli visitors could be people who have a day off and wish to simply have some rest and not to waste time on cooking. That is why we provided Walmart deli hours Sunday specifically for those who want to enjoy this beautiful day of the week as well as eat some good food.

Walmart Deli operating hours


You would probably think that Walmart Deli closes earlier or opens later on Sunday. Given the fact that a huge amount of stores in the U.S. use abbreviated schedule on Sunday, Walmart Deli is not included in the list of these stores. Working hours in the store on Sunday are pretty much the same as for the other days. That means that Walmart Deli opens at 10 AM and closes at 8PM on Sunday.

These working hours are valid for Walmart Deli location on each day of the week.

However, Walmart Deli hours of operation can change depending on location. Open and close hours may slightly differ in every Walmart store, so make sure you have checked the schedule using the store locator. It is a very convenient service created for Walmart customers, which helps them find out the exact working hours as well as the closest location of Walmart Deli.